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Source: Wired

AS A JAPANESE, I grew up watching anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, which depicts a future in which machines and humans merge into cyborg ecstasy. Such programs caused many of us kids to become giddy with dreams of becoming bionic superheroes. Robots have always been part of the Japanese psyche—our hero, Astro Boy, was officially entered into the legal registry as a resident of the city of Niiza, just north of Tokyo, which, as any non-Japanese can tell you, is no easy feat. Not only do we Japanese have no fear of our new robot overlords, we’re kind of looking forward to them.

It’s not that Westerners haven’t had their fair share of friendly robots like R2-D2 and Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot maid. But compared to the Japanese, the Western world is warier of robots. I think the difference has something to do with our different religious contexts, as well as historical differences with respect to industrial-scale slavery.

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Robots are the ultimate job stealers. Blame them, not immigrants


Source - Arlie Hochschild - The Guardian Newspaper

ll across America, one hears the story of the weary white, male worker waiting in line for the American dream. This worker sees the federal government giving special help to people he perceives as line-cutters. Some who benefit from this help are citizens (black people, women, public-sector workers), and others are not (immigrants, refugees, recipients of American foreign aid).

We can well understand the worn patience of the one waiting in line, because in truth, for most middle- and lower-income Americans, the line has stalled or moved back. For the most part, though, the real line-cutters are not people one can blame or politicians can thunder against. That’s because they’re not people. They’re robots.

Nothing is changing the face of American industry faster than automation, and nowhere is that change more stark than in the cornerstone of Louisiana’s industrial wealth: oil.

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Blockchain explained: It builds trust when you need it most


This is part of "Blockchain Decoded," a series looking at the impact of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency on our lives.

These days, we're having a harder and harder time trusting each other.

Trust is an essential part of ordinary living, whether it's picking mechanics based on Yelp reviews, sliding credit cards into gas station fuel pumps or heeding our doctor's advice. But our trust has been eroding for years. In the US, only 33 percent of us felt we could trust our government in 2017 -- a decline of 14 percentage points from 2016, according to Edelman's annual trust barometer study. Trust in businesses dropped from 58 percent to 48 percent, too, while media (fake news!) and social networks also took a hit.

That's a problem. The less trust you have, the harder everything becomes. Did that job candidate really graduate from college? Did your brother-in-law really repay that loan?

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Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2018!


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We saw the future of laundry at CES—and it's amazing


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Dope Tech: "Shot on Smartphones!"


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Virtual assistants once again dominate CES 2018


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Mercedes-Benz User Experience: Revolution in the Cockpit | CES 2018


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All the best laptops from CES 2018

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Interview With Sophia, An Artificial Super Intelligent Robot Wants Job, Family, Citizenship


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Samsung's CES 2018 event in under 12 minutes

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Best of CES Technology 2018

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CES 2018 Announces Celebrity Lineup

An all-star array of speakers and appearances from big names in sports, music, movies, TV technology and moreLas Vegas, NV – 01/05/2018 – The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced today an extensive list of celebrities slated to appear at CES® 2018 in Las Vegas.

Entertainers and other figures from sports, music, movies, TV, and technology will appear throughout the week celebrating technology through speaking engagements, signing autographs, and meeting conference attendees.

“We’re bringing the stars to Vegas,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, CES and corporate business strategy. “What makes it even more special is that nearly all of these entertainers and other celebrities are involved in some of the most interesting technology efforts out there. So it’s exciting to have star power on hand – we always do – but it’s also exciting to get the unique insight of these folks on how they’re partnering in cutting-edge projects.”

Celebrity speakers and appearances include, but are not limited to:

Singer and actor Ray J – Raycon Global Inc. booth (11239) – Everyday 12-4 PM, special performances at 1:30 PMProfessional stock car driver Cassie Gannis – Mizco booth (31129)Rapper Iggy Azalea, rock musician Joe Perry, celebrity fisherman Peter Miller and gamer Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel – Monster booth (16006)Monday, January 8Actor Neil Patrick Harris – C Space Storyteller: Samba TV – Monday, Jan. 8, 2-2:30 PMTuesday, January 9Guitarist Tommy Shaw – Gibson tent – Tuesday, Jan. 9 12-12:30 PMOlympic medalist Nastia Liukin - The Future of Fan Engagement – Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1:45-2:30 PMRock band STYX – Universal Music Group booth (14735) – Tuesday, Jan. 9 – 2 PMMusician Slash – Gibson tent – Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2 PMOlympic medalist Usain Bolt – Gibson tent – Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2:30 PMNorth America Scrabble Champion Will Anderson – ITRI booth (25611) – Tuesday, Jan. 9, 3 PMWednesday, January 10Digital influencer and star Gigi Gorgeous - Stealing the Show – Best in Brand Storytelling – Wednesday, Jan. 10 – 11:30 AM-12:10 PMHip-hop artist Delyric Oracle - Ningbo Makon Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. booth (35775) – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 12 PMFormer NBA star Baron Davis - The New Age of Hitmaking – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 12:10-12:50 PMFormer NBA star Shaquille O’Neal – Ring booth (42525) – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1 PMR&B singer Akon – Up In The Lab booth (31816) – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1-4 PMProfessional squash athlete Miguel A. Rodriguez – Coollang booth (45431) – Tuesday, Jan. 9, 11 AM-12 PM, and Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1:30-3 PMActor Norman Reedus – Headline Conversation: The Walking Dead – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1:50-2:25 PMFormer NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie – ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Celebrity Showdown Live – Wednesday, Jan. 10, 3:30-6 PMThursday, January 11Mehmet Oz, M.D. – SleepScore Labs booth (43726) – Thursday, Jan. 11Actor Neil Patrick Harris and Former NFL star Terrell Owens – Samba TV booth (ARIA - CS-10) – Thursday, Jan. 11, 10 AM-2 PMPlayers Only – featuring former NBA stars Chris Webber, Baron Davis, Dennis Scott, Isiah Thomas and WNBA player Elena Delle Donne – Thursday, Jan. 11, 12-12:45 PMELLE USA Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia - The Female Equation: A Global Dialogue of Connection + Support – Thursday, Jan. 11, 2:15-3:15 PMCountry singer Clare Dunn - Universal Music Group booth (14735) – Thursday, Jan. 11 – 3 PMFriday, January 12WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell – Conversation: Sir Martin Sorrell – Friday, Jan. 12, 10-11 AMMLB pitcher Trevor May - Between Sports and Esports – Friday, Jan. 12, 11-11:45 AMOwned and produced by CTA, CES 2018 will run January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.Press Contacts:

Justin Siraj 7039077415 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Vulnerability found in solar panels could knock out power grids across Europe


Source: Alehandro Tauber

A Dutch security researcher has found a serious vulnerability in a part of solar panels, that, if exploited, could cause widespread outages in European power grids.

Willem Westerhof, a cybersecurity researcher at ITsec, discovered a vulnerability in so-called inverters, an essential part of solar panels that converts direct current to alternating current. According to Volkskrant, the Dutch newspaper that first reported this story, Westerhof claims that the vulnerability can be found in thousands of internet-connected inverters throughout Europe.

Like with other vulnerable Internet of Things devices, hackers could take control of a large number of inverters and switch them off simultaneously, causing an imbalance in the power grid that can knock out electricity in large parts of Europe.

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All About CES 2017 - Exhibit & Conference First Day

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04 August 2017
Source: Alehandro TauberA Dutch security researcher has found a serious vulnerability in a part of solar panels, that, if exploited, could cause widespread outages in European power grids.Willem Weste...
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